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Mobile Internet: The Next Big Thing

Every year at the Web 2.0 Summit, Morgan Stanley Internet analyst Mary Meeker gives her view of the world, the Web, and the technology industry by quickly going through about 50 slides that illustrate the…

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Google Android: Another giant leap for the G-Men?

Being only slightly tech-obsessed (though our wives might agree to differ), we haven’t paid too much attention so far to Google’s Android mobile phone offering. To be honest, we hadn’t even felt compelled to invest…

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Mobile Internet Usage Trends

At the end of last month Openwave Systems published a report highlighting key mobile internet usage trends in North America, based on findings derived from its Openwave Mobile Analytics product. Key themes that Mobile Analytics…

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Circular Entertainment

Nokia have recently released their conclusions from a research project intriguingly entitled “Entertainment: A Glimpse Of The Next Episode” based on research from 9000 consumers aged 16-35 from 17 countries. Some outtakes: “Even today, entertainment…

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Britons Diagnosed With MAIDS

The island kingdom has been diagnosed with MAIDS (Mobile And Internet Dependency Syndrome) according to new UK research from Lloyds TSB. Two thirds of those surveyed (63 per cent) admitted that they feel concerned if they leave their mobile…